Myths And Facts About Steak That You Must Know

There have been various myths about steak going around and looks like it is about time that we bust some for you. Also, there are certain useful facts that will definitely help you when enjoying your steak, and we’d gladly like to shed some light on all the aspects related to steak.

So here are some myths and facts about steak:

1) Red meat is bad for your health

This is a myth of the highest order. Not only does steak contain essential nutrients and vitamins, but it is also a good source of proteins. You’d surely want to dig deep in this aspect.

2) Salting the steak after it is cooked

We will use basic logic to bust this myth. When you salt your steak, it dries on the outside thereby allowing a good amount of heat to the inner part of the meat during the searing process. In essence, it actually reduces the time required to prepare the steak. And, with time and practice, you can also learn how much salting is required to cook your steak in a particular way.

3) The number of steak-flips that you do

Well, if you are in a hurry to cook the steak then repeated flipping will get the work done. On the other hand, if you are a sucker for the delicate crust that you’ve created by toiling around the grill for so long then flipping it wouldn’t be a wise choice. It is all about your preference and hence no definite rule is set.

4) When working on a grill, make sure you preheat it before cooking

This seems a logical one and is, in fact, a very useful trick to cooking your steak. After you have cut the meat and let it rest for some time, you then place it on the preheated grill that easily locks in the juices and helps you get a fuller and savory flavor. It is an important trick to make your steak taste the best.

5) Let the steak sit for a while after it is cooked

Well, one major reason can be that the steak is too hot to dig in! Letting the meat to rest allows the juices to be reabsorbed which means that while cutting the meat for eating; you’ll have quite the enhanced flavor.

With all these myths having debunked, it’s time to treat yourself to some quality steak at Rib N Reef steakhouse.

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